Toowoomba Bowls Club


Toowoomba Bowls Club is the oldest club on the Darling Downs and the fourth oldest in Queensland.

At a meeting held on 29th September, 1900 at Hennessey’s Hotel (Mr D Munro, Chairman) it was unanimously agreed that the Darling Downs Bowling Club be formed. Three weeks later on 18th October, 1900 another meeting was held at which the following Club Office-Bearers were appointed.

Patron: Lord Lamington, Governor of Queensland
President: Sir Hugh M Nelson
Vice-Presidents: W H Groom MLA, G G Cory
Secretary: A M Newman
Treasurer: H A Nisbett
Committee: Messre Short, Quinlan, J H Munro, P K Clark, H Walker, C R Thomas, A Mayes

A suitable site was obtained from the Trustees of the Toowoomba Recreation Reserve, Lindsay Street under a long term lease. Early setbacks including the failure of the first green planting, resulted in the official opening being deferred until 1903. Membership at this time totalled 40.

The first “Pavilion” was a bough Shed with a tarpaulin roof. The first Club House was positioned underneath a 1000 gallon tank, the stumps being enclosed with weather boards and a front door provided.

As other clubs were being formed on the Downs, the title of the Club was changed to “Toowoomba Bowling Club” and in more recent years to Toowoomba Bowls Club Inc.

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